Since 2005, Atlanta Crawl Space has offered affordable and quality solutions to homeowners and small business owners all over Georgia. If you're experiencing foundation moisture, mold or need cleaning up, we've got you covered. We're experts at installing and replacing vapor barriers, insulation, dehumifiers, powered vents, treating mold, and waterproofing foundations, basements and crawl spaces.


Atlanta Crawl Space Encapsulation

Our heavy duty crawlspace vapor barriers fully encapsulate the area to keep your damp crawl space dry. The encapsulation process offers many benefits, such as improved air quality within your home, lower energy costs, and a stronger foundation.

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Atlanta Crawl Space Repair

Many crawlspaces are filthy and full of debris. By removal of the crawl space debris, the vapor barrier will last much longer. This also results in a better seal to keep out moisture and pests.

Atlanta Crawl Space Insulation

If your crawl space has mold, or needs insulation replaced, our team is here to help. A damp crawl space with falling insulation is the last thing we want!

Atlanta Foundation Waterproofing

Proper drainage around the home is very important. We'll offer proven solutions to block moisture from gettin inside, and remove moisture that does make it into the crawlspace.

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